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As professionals we have always upheld the highest standards in conducting business and protecting your privacy.

Privacy Statement

We do not collect cookies or sell your information. We collect the minimum information necessary to obtain insurance coverage and service inforce policies. This website is for individuals age 18 and over to provide requested  information and to assist in obtaining insurance coverage


This site is not a secure site protected by passwords and the information on the site can be viewed by public. There may be  links to apply for coverage online. Upon clicking on these links you are redirected to the appropriate Insurance Companies secure site in order to apply for coverage.  Please see the privacy policies of these carriers if you have any questions or concerns regarding their security.   Better Benefits & Consulting does not capture and use this information to contact anyone who visit’s the site to solicit coverage. All inquires are sent directly to  Better Benefits & Consulting has both physical and electronic safeguards in place to protect your private information once it is received by our company.

Better Benefits & Consulting does not maintain a data base from this site. IP addresses, date, and browser version may be captured  for reporting purposes only.  Network Solutions, does have access to this information for reporting purposes as they provide web site and email support.  Please see their site for their privacy statement at

We reserve the right to change our privacy practices without notice and advise visitors to review our privacy practices and those of our vendors frequently,

If you have any questions regarding this privacy statement or our practices you may contact me, Deborah Shaputis, Owner at the addresses listed on home page.