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Marketplace Informed Consent

Privacy and Security Authorized Functions of PII

 • Agents and brokers can create, collect, disclose, access, maintain, store, or use their PII from consumers to the extent that these activities are necessary to carry out the Authorized Functions outlined in the applicable Marketplace Privacy and Security Agreement(s)
Informed Consent to Assist / You may revoke this consent at any time
 Authorized Functions for FFE( Federally Facilitated Marketplace)also referred to as Marketplace I may create, collect, disclose, access, maintain, store, and use PII(Personally Identifiable Information) only for: 1. Assisting with applications for QHP(Qualified Health Plan) eligibility.
 2. Supporting QHP selection and enrollment by assisting with plan selection and plan comparisons
 3. Assisting with applications for the receipt of APTC(Advanced Premium Tax Credit) or CSR's(Cost sharing reductions) and selecting an APTC amount
4. Facilitating the collection of standardized attestations acknowledging the receipt of the APTC or CSR's determination if applicable
. 5. Assisting with the application for and determination of certificates of exemption
 6. Assisting with filing appeals of eligibility determinations in connection with the FFE's or SBEFP's(Federally Facilitated Exchanges/State Based Exchanges)
 7. Transmitting information about the Consumer's Applicant's, Qualified Individual's, or Enrollee's decisions regarding QHP enrollment information to the FFEs or SBE-FP's
 8. Facilitating payment of the initial premium for the appropriate QHP
 9. Facilitating an Enrollee's ability to dis enroll from a QHP
10. Educating Consumers, Applicants. Qualified Individuals, or Enrollees on Insurance Affordability Programs, and if applicable informing them of eligibility for Medicaid or Children's Health Insurance Program(CHIP)

 11. Assisting an Enrollee's ability to report changes in eligibility status to an FFE or SBE-FP throughout the coverage year, including changes that may affect eligibility (e.g.adding a dependent)

 12. Correcting errors in the application for QHP enrollment

13. Informing or reminding Enrollees when QHP coverage should be renewed or when Enrollees may no longer be eligible to maintain because of age, or to inform Enrollees of QHP coverage options at renewal

 14. Providing appropriate information, materials, and programs to inform and educate Consumers, Applicants, Qualified Individuals and management of their health information and services and options offered through the selected QHP and among the available QHP options 15. Contacting Consumers, Applicants, Qualified Individuals, and Enrollees to assess their satisfaction or resolve complaints with service in connection with the FFE's, SBE-FP's, or QHP's

 16. Providing assistance in communicating with QHP issuers

17. Carrying out Agent/Brokers legal responsibilities related to QHP Issuer functions in the FFM as permitted or required by Agent or Brokers contract relationship with QHP issuers

18. Other functions substantially similar to those enumerated above and such other functions that may be approved by CMS in writing.